@FIT: The Wall Murals of Memes


As I was walking towards the studio of the Wendy William’s Show, I had to stop and admire some of the artwork gracing the walls of FIT. For those who have not been to FIT or the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, there you can find some of the most innovative designs from amateur artists and existing students.

What first drew me to these walls was the meme of the little girl with buckteeth, a sign of how today’s memes have now resonated in even the art world.


In another one of the images, you can see what looks like a tribute to the famous visual effects artist H.R. Giger, known for his work in the Alien franchise for which he won the oscar for. The painting done by @JOEMAIS shows Giger sinerstly rubbing a lightbulb.

Collage of Murals

And speaking of oscars, you will come across what I call the Academy of Tron. This immediately made me think of Tron because of the 3-D Sci-fi looking glasses. Using a strong contrast in colours to emulate an art deco style that illustrates the future of art and technology. It is definitely something worth pulling your camera out for.

Tron Oscar

Sometimes I wish I had half the talent of some of the artists to create tributes to famous films, art styles, or memes. However, I probably would not appreciate it as much if I did, which is why I continue forward finding the talent on the streets.


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