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About Me

I have always had a fascination with culture, art and technology. Living in Montreal fueled that fascination, because of its growing number of diverse artists and innovators contributing to the modernity and creativity of the city.

Why Frugal Theory?

The name Frugal Theory originated from my first blog Frugalite. Frugalite was supposed to be a lifestyle blog about being a socialite with a frugal budget. However, after my studies in video game theories, I decided Frugalite needed to be revamped focusing more on my passions for travel and discovery.

Why Street Art?

Growing up in different urban jungles from the streets of L.A to the boroughs of New York, I have always had an appreciation for graffiti. It’s an art form that can be found in any city and serves as a language for oppressed minorities and struggling artists. The city’s streets are their canvas and their artwork reflects the emotions and culture of that city.  All the images taken were during my time exploring each city, while searching for my own inspiration.






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